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Xuzhou Bokang photoresist monomer products are rich, and ARF photoresist is a leading industry

2021/08/20 | Author:China Securities Network

 After hours on August 19, Chinachem Technology issued an announcement to answer the questions raised in the previous inquiry letter of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. For the photoresist products most concerned by investors, Chinachem technology said that a number of KrF and ARF photoresist products developed and produced by Xuzhou Bokang information Chemicals Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xuzhou Bokang) have achieved large-scale production and sales. It is worth mentioning that ARF photoresist products have been orderly supplied, leading the industry companies. At the same time, with excellent R & D strength, Xuzhou Bokang has a number of products leading the industry in the most advanced ARF field, and the R & D strength has also been recognized by upstream manufacturers.

It is understood that Chinachem technology is a supplier of system components in the field of automotive safety. Its product line covers automotive airbag cloth, airbag bag, seat belt and other passive safety system components. Through the industrial fund Dongyang Kaiyang technology innovation and development partnership (limited partnership) invested in Xuzhou Bokang, Sinochem technology entered the photoresist field.

As the key means of production in the semiconductor field, the development of photoresist has important strategic significance for the independent control of China's semiconductor field. Founded in March 2010, Xuzhou Bokang is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on R & D, production and operation of medium and high-end photoresist, photoresist monomer and photoresist resin, with strong R & D strength. Xuzhou Bokang's R & D strength has also been recognized by relevant national departments. On May 10 this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology publicized the list of national specialized and new "little giant" enterprises and national (or provincial) small and medium-sized enterprise public service demonstration platforms (the first batch and the first year) proposed to support, and Xuzhou Bokang was on the list.

For the performance of Xuzhou Bokang, Chinachem technology said in its reply that the total revenue of Xuzhou Bokang in the first quarter was 97 million yuan, the revenue related to photoresist materials and photoresist accounted for 76.48%, and the revenue directly realized by photoresist was 4.4 million yuan, accounting for 4.53%, which has exceeded the full year of 2020. The total revenue of photoresist monomer and monomer materials was 45.12 million yuan, accounting for 47.57%.

At present, in photoresist products, Xuzhou Bokang supplies four KrF photoresists to a dealer of RF chip manufacturer. In cooperation with a special memory chip manufacturer, Xuzhou Bokang has supplied ARF photoresist in small quantities. In the sales of ARF photoresist products, Xuzhou Bokang has been ahead of its main competitors. Many products of Xuzhou Bokang have also been recognized by users. In the first half of this year, KrF photoresist monomer and ARF photoresist monomer products supplied to a customer reached 12.85 million yuan.