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Reading Lights Up Hope - A Multimedia Library Sponsored by HMT is Established in A Yunnan Village

2021/10/29 | Author:HMT
What Can A Book Bring to A Child?

How about a library with many books?

Fairy tales, fables, joy, wisdom

The Earth, starry sky, the oceans, the forests

Knowledge, dreams, imagination, innovation

A bigger world, a better future


To the South of Colorful Clouds and beside the Bank of Erhai Lake is the Yunduo School

    With sincere love and expectation, we hope that the children in rural areas will have a better future. On October 27, the first "Reading, Enjoying and Benefitting" multi-media public library was officially opened in Dali Cloud School. The Library is sponsored by HMT and supported by Gesi Library. This small library is located in the old city of Dali, at the foot of Cangshan Mountain. The books are carefully selected and edited by professional teachers. The library has nearly 3,000 high-quality books, covering natural, scientific, humanistic and other related content suitable for kindergarten and primary school students.

  The library is a meaningful attempt of the "Reading, Enjoying and Benefitting" project. In addition to providing quality books for children, the library will also train local teachers to provide instructions to children, and develop the library into a teaching classroom, social event venue, as well as a cultural space. Our goal is to give rural children access to a greater variety of knowledge and information, and to develop their interest and habit of exploring science.

Enriching Your Mind with Technology
Changing the Future with Knowledge

"Reading, Enjoying, and Benefitting" Village Multi-media Public Library is not only rich in books, but also equipped with Internet technology. With the help of Internet applications, children can break through geographical restrictions and have access to all kinds of reading resources. We hope that through reading, rural children can realize the need for self-growth and gain the courage to explore the world. Through the establishment of this public library, we hope to effectively promote the construction of local rural culture and implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education. We hope this move can promote education equity and contribute to rural revitalization.

  Mr. Hu Shiyuan, the project leader of "Reading, Enjoying and Benefitting", Mr. Zhang Chuquan, the General Manager of HMT, Ms. Zhong Lili, the public welfare practitioner of HMT, Zhang Biwu, the director of Dali Town Education Office, Yang Desong, the Secretary of Nanmen village of Dali ancient city, Yang Zhijin, the principal of Nanmen Wanxiao primary school, and Ms. Xie Hongyan, the founder of Dali Yunduo Kindergarten and Yunduo Nature School, Ms. Wang Linlin, Director of Dali Yunduo School, and Mr. Gao Jingxing, co-founder of Gesi, came to the scene as guests to witness the unveiling ceremony of "Reading, Enjoying and Benefitting" Village Multimedia Library.

    Witnessed by Cangshan and Erhai, Mr. Hu Shiyuan, the project leader of "Reading, Enjoying and Benefitting" and the director of HMT, shared with all partners the original intention of HMT to launch the "Reading, Enjoying and Benefitting" public welfare project:

"We hope to create more reading opportunities for rural children and add more ways for them to acquire knowledge; and help rural revitalization by empowering rural education. The power of a person is small, and the influence of an enterprise may not be large, but I firmly believe that our love and kindness will impact more and more people, and we will eventually gather small love into a great one."

Mr. Zhang Chuquan, General Manager of HMT, attaches great importance to the well-being of employees and has always called on everyone to do things beneficial to the society. This public welfare trip to Dali is also an opportunity for Zhang to deliver love to more people.

At the opening ceremony, president Zhang spoke forcefully and firmly: "HMT established the 'Reading, Enjoying and Benefitting' public welfare project to make more contributions to social development and shoulder more social responsibilities, which is also an important part of HMT's corporate culture."

Ms. Xie Hongyan is the founder of the Dali Cloud School. She said the cloud School had long wanted to build a library, but the idea never materialized due to various constraints. Xie said the success of the small library could not have been achieved without the efforts of everyone. She believes that with everyone's love and efforts, the library will be like a small seed, which will take root and sprout in the future, and eventually grow into a towering tree, and become a reading paradise for more children.

Mr. Gao Jingxing is a co-founder of Gesi Library. Based on his own experience, he says that if you want to influence a group of people, the best way to do that is through education. He hopes the library will continue to play its role in helping children in the community develop a habit of reading and an ever-inquisitive mind. He hopes that children's knowledge of the world can go beyond Nanmen village and Dali to a wider world.

See Erhai Lake and Cangshan Mountain
Look At the Wider Sea of Stars from A Distance

Volunteers from HMT working with the children to
plant a hope tree and bury a wish bottle

    It might take tens of years for a tree to grow up, but it will take even longer for education towards children to make changes. Children are the future. Their simple and beautiful wishes, like the seeds of hope, are about to take root here. May the tree of reading thrive, the flower of thought bloom warmly, and finally bear the fruit of education. While paying attention to rural education, we also want to do more substantive things for Rural Revitalization. Chinachem technology has more than 1700 employees. We will provide the same job opportunities for local teenagers.As well as focusing on rural education, we also want to do more substantial things for rural revitalization. HMT employs more than 1,700 people and we will offer job opportunities to local teenagers.

Volunteer from the Heart
Public Welfare More Than Donation

The establishment of rural libraries as a form of public welfare reflects the trend of public welfare diversification. Direct donations or donations of materials can only help children temporarily, but it is not enough. We hope to build a platform for children in rural areas, where they can develop a real interest in reading and form a long-term reading habit. To this end, HMT's team of technical volunteers and local teachers received professional training from Gesi Library.

The tutors from Gesi Library have many years of international leading edge teaching experience. They gave the volunteers very professional guidance, including how to better guide the children to read and think. These instructions are based on modern cognitive psychology and advanced teaching methodology. For example, the instructors emphasized how to select and analyze reading materials and the need to stimulate children's multi-dimensional thinking and their philosophical thinking.

HMT volunteers have carefully studied how to teach children of different ages, such as using different reading methods for children of different ages, and using lively and interesting questions to stimulate their reading comprehension and thinking. After that, HMT volunteers will go to different villages to guide local children to read books, create interesting reading activities, and share advanced teaching ideas and teaching experience with local teachers.

Gathering to Shine

    Volunteers of HMT actively communicate with local education practitioners to understand their practical needs. In the process of continuous mutual understanding, we will improve our public welfare plan and provide more warm support for follow-up volunteer services.

Enjoy Reading in the Reading Paradise and Grow

    The famous poet J. L.Borges once wrote in Poem about Gift", "Slow in my darkness, I explore the hollow gloom with my hesitant stick, I, that used to figure Paradise in such a library's guise." We have learned from life how to cultivate people's character, how to change the fate of some people, or how to support some unfortunate people to find a shelter in the years of suffering. The power of reading is so great that we are inspired by our hearts to stimulate children's interest in reading and protect their curiosity to explore the world.

    In the future, HMT will establish 100 rural multimedia public libraries for the "Reading, Enjoying and Benefitting" project for rural children together with Gesi library. More HMT volunteers will also go to the countryside, enter the library, read with rural children and roam in the ocean of knowledge. We sincerely hope that the public library of "Reading, Enjoying and Benefitting" can become a reading paradise for rural children!

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